Artikelen over het IQ

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IQ en IQ-test zijn een heel interessant gegeven. Als u naast het afleggen van onze tests graag meer achtergrondinformatie wil krijgen over dit onderwerp dan bent u op deze pagina aan het juiste adres. We hebben hier namelijk enkele artikels over het IQ en IQ-test verzameld indien u graag wat meer informatie wil krijgen over dit onderwerp. Deze artikels gaan over verschillende onderwerpen; zoals bv. hoe beïnvloedt ras ons IQ, hoe beïnvloedt onze afkomst ons IQ? Daarnaast kan u hier ook artikels terugvinden over de toekomst van IQ-testen.

Massive IQ gains in 14 nations: What IQ test really measure – J.R. Flynn

Meta-analysis of the relationship of creative achievement to both IQ and divergent thinking test scores – K.H. Kim

Defining Learning and Language Disabilities; Conceptual and Psychometric Issues With the Use of IQ Tests – D.J. Francis

Today’s IQ Tests: Are They Really Better Than Their Historical Predecessors? – I.G. Esters, R.F. Ittenbach, K. Han

What IQ tests test – K. Richardson

IQ and the reading progress: A test of the capacity notion of IQ – D.L. Share, Rob McGEE, P.A. Silva

In defense of the IQ test – H.F. Clarizio

Whole-brain irradiation and decline in intelligence: the influence of dose and age on IQ score – J.H Silber, J. Radcliffe, V. Peckham

Intelligence and IQ: Landmark issues and great debats – R.A. Weinberg

Preliminary study of Internet addiction and cognitive function in adolescents based on IQ tests – M.H. Park, E.J. Park, J. Choi, S. Chai, J.H. Lee, C. Lee

PASAT: Observed correlations with IQ – V. Egan

IQ tests and their educational supporters – C.C. Jorgensen

Variations in Wechsler interscale IQ disparities at different levels of IQ – H.H. Spitz

IQ Tests and Minority Children – E.A. Deavila, B. Havassy

Black/white IQ differences: Does age make a difference? – K.R. Vincent

IQ-discripancy definitions and the diagnosis of LD: Introduction to the special issue – L.S. Siegel

The future of IQ testing in education – L.B. Resnick

An experimental study of the effects of perceptual training on group IQ test scores of elementary pupils in rural ungraded schools – J.H. Boger

The general intelligence factor – L.S. Gottfredson

IQ correlations in transracial adoptive families – S. Scarr

Social intelligence and IQ – R. Hoepfner

Beyond IQ: A triarchic theory of human intelligence – R.J. Sternberg

Intelligent testing and the discrepancy model for children with learning disabilities – J.M. Fletcher, D.J. Francis, S.E. Shaywitz

Genetic covariance among measures of information processing speed, working memory and IQ – M. Luciano, M.J. Wright, G.A. Smith, G.M. Geffen

Effects of restriction of range and test unreliability on correlation between measures of intelligence and creative thinking – K. Yamamoto